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JOHN 1661
JACOB 1689
JESSE 1721
JESSE 1750
HIRAM 1828
Mary Kilmer Miller 1910
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“Directions being sent from the then colony, now state of Connecticut, to raise companies of 'Green Mountain Boys,' and if possible with them to surprise and take the fortress of Ticonderoga, Col Ethan Allen raised several companies. Seth Warner was Lieut.-Col, Sam’l Safford, Major, and Jesse Sawyer Captain, of one company. After carefully guarding the several passes that led thither to cut off all intelligence between the garrison and the country, they made a forced march from Bennington, and arrived at the lake opposite Ticonderoga on the evening of the ninth of May, 1775, with 230 valiant Green Mountain Boys, and with the utmost difficulty procured boats to cross the lake, a distance of five or six miles. However, they landed 83 men near the garrison and sent the boats back for the rear guard, commanded by Col. Seth Warner, but the day began to dawn and it became necessary to attack the fort before the rear could cross the lake, and as it was viewed hazardous, Col. Allen proposed to the soldiers that all that were willing to make the attempt, to poise their firelocks. The men being drawn up in three ranks, each poised his firelock, he ordered them to face to the right and they matched immediately to the wicket gate, Captain Sawyer taking the lead. There they found a sentry posted, who instantly snapped his fusee. Col. Allen ran toward him. He retreated through the covered way into the parade, within the garrison, gave a loud “Halloa” and ran under a bomb proof. The men immediately entered the fort, the garrison excepting the sentries being asleep. They gave three huzzahs, which greatly surprised them. A sentry made a pass at one of the officers with a charged bayonet, and slightly wounded him. The officer struck him on the head with his sword, whereupon he asked quarter, which was granted him. Col. Allen demanded where the commanding officer was. He was shown a flight of stairs in front of the garrison – which led to a second story in the barrack – to which he immediately repaired and ordered the commander, Captain De La Place, to come forth, or he would sacrifice the whole garrison, at which the Captain came with his breeches in his hand. When he ordered him to deliver the fort instantly, he asked on what authority he demanded it. Col. Allen replied with a stamp of his foot, that shook the building, “In the name of the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress.” He began to speak, but, with drawn sword, the intrepid Col. Again demanded an immediate surrender of the garrison, with which he complied at once, and ordered his men to be forthwith paraded, without arms, as he had given up the garrison. This surprise was carried into execution in the gray morning light of the early morning of the 10th of May, 1775”
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Genealogy of the White Family
Mrs. Jennett Nichols-Vanderpool
Eaton, N.Y. 1899
Ladson Genealogy Library, GA.

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