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What's a Pietenpol?

On this page we'll try to share some of the history of the Pietenpol and Grega GN-1 airplanes and the Brodhead Pietenpol Association and its newsletter. Plus we'll highlight some upcoming events and fly-ins.



32nd Annual Pietenpol Reunion
at Brodhead, Wisconsin.

July 20, 21, 22, 2007

This recently published book by Chet Peek is an excellent reference for Pietenpol aircraft history.

(Description from Historic Aviation Web site)

This is the story of Bernard Pietenpol and his tireless effort in designing and promoting Pietenpol aircraft. You'll read of his earliest aircraft; of the Ford Model A-powered AirCamper and its success achieved through publicity in Modern Mechanics magazine; of the smaller Model T-powered Sky Scout single-seater; of special edition aircraft; of homebuilt aircraft constructed from Pietenpol plans; and of much more including the enthusiasm for Pietenpols still held by modern-day pilots.

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